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LIDO EVENTS, a division of The Lido Group, provides an exclusive range of web based products to manage accommodation, registration, surveying and e-marketing. The modular suite, known as LIDOnline assists in the management and organisation of your event, ensuring your attendees enjoy a genuine value added online experience.

 LIDOnline’s products are specifically designed for conference and event planners in order to automate significant parts of the event planning process, allowing you to focus on strategic decisions rather than repetitive, time consuming tasks. These services are designed to increase event attendance and decrease costs.

Online Marketing Tool

LIDOnline offers an online marketing tool that is a cost effective and easy way to communicate regularly with your customers. The professional and recipient-friendly campaigns are delivered in a way that reinforces your event branding, clearly communicates the attraction of your event and gives you vital user feedback to monitor the effectiveness of your campaign.

Our e-marketing tool provides you with an opportunity to communicate the details of your event directly to your customers, including hyperlinks to your online registration and/or accommodation booking tool.. Drive valuable web-traffic to your event website and impress prospective attendees with a professional online proposition.

Benefits of the online marketing tool include:

  • Collect and maintain a clean, responsive database of customers and prospects in real time with no fuss;
  • Privacy Act compliant communications;
  • Personalise your message; and
  • Tracking reports will provide responses such as the number of emails opened forwarded and click throughs and will even track user activity on the destination websites

Online Registration Tool

LIDO EVENTS provides an online registration service for event organisers. The online registration form can be branded towards a specific event or organisation and has customisable fields for collecting data from registrants. This data is collated automatically and provided to the organisers as a report in Microsoft Excel format so the data can be manipulated any which way you like – no more manual data-entry, no more forms to assemble. Payment is also processed online using our secure, encrypted VeriSign technology.

Benefits of the online registration tool:

  • Complete online service – no manual forms required;
  • Questions can be answered with multiple tick boxes, drop down selections or blank answer fields;
  • Multiple pricing schedules are supported, including compulsory and optional inclusions and early bird prices can be closed off separately;
  • A private login is given to organisers so they can access their registration data online in real time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • Reports can be provided at any point and are compatible with Microsoft Excel, making it easy to sort and manipulate data; and
  • Our in-house call centre is available between 8:30 am – 5:30 pm business days to assist with any enquiries.

Travel and Accommodation

LIDO EVENTS have developed a dynamic online accommodation booking solution (LEADS) specific for organisers of conferences, events, exhibitions and trade shows with 24/7 accessibility delivering the best value rates up until the last day of the event.

The LEADS links allows you to include your organisation’s logo and branding and nominate key hotels that are suitable to your event location, budget and client demands. LIDO EVENTS can negotiate discounted rates especially for your event and offer professional advice on accommodation options to help satisfy you and your event attendees needs.

Benefits of LEADS links:

  • Online accommodation booking solution developed specific for organisers of conferences, events, exhibitions and trade shows;
  • Customise your accommodation booking page (LEADS link) with your company logo, event banner  including event images;
  • Nominate key hotels that are suitable to your event’s location, budget and client demands;
  • Online LEADS link accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days per year;
  • Secure payment transactions with 128 bit encryption – accepting all major credit cards;
  • “Live Chat” available so that anyone on your LEADS link can interact with a LIDO EVENTS consultant;
  • No hotel contracts or financial liability;
  • Interactive Google map showing location of the event in relation to selected hotels; and
  • Enhanced data (booking report) on each booking post event

As an alternative to LEADS, LIDO EVENTS are able to organise group/block bookings on your behalf at specially negotiated rates and the hotel/s of your choosing.

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Online Survey Tool

LIDOnline’s online survey tool allows you to create many survey types to get the information and answers you need from your delegates. You are able to tailor questions to capture important information pre, during or post event providing you with a tool to identify topics of interest and assist in evaluating your event.

Reporting capabilities allow the responses to be collated in an easy to read format with the ability to compare survey responses.

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"Over the years Lido has been a leader in developing technology that makes it easy for the visitor to book on-line. Most importantly Lido has always negotiated the best rates possible and continues to be pro-active in ensuring that the rates available to our clients are the most competitive available."

Geoff Holland
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